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Steward or Owner; God's Place in Relation to Your Money

by: Paul Milligan

In May 2006, Dave and Bonnie Duell hosted Paul and Patsy Milligan for a LifeWalk Financial Seminar at Faith Ministries Church International in Denver, Colorado, USA. Paul and Patsy's ministry, LifeWalk International, was established to develop stewards who will resource the Kingdom of God. LWI's vision statement declares, "We believe that God's plan for the church includes financial freedom for His people. Unfettered by debt and other financial obligations, they will be free to give and direct their finances into the Kingdom."

As Business Ministry Partners, we would benefit from identifying with this same vision.

Paul states, "God is the owner, we are the stewards." Stewardship or ownership? This is the question we must answer to be financially successful in God's Kingdom. In our culture today, ownership is the thing everyone is trying to attain. Stewardship is the only way we can be successful according to God's Word. Will we be a steward or an owner?

Under the principle of stewardship, God is the provider because He is the owner. God provides; we preserve. Our responsibility is not providing; our responsibility is preserving and managing the resources with which we are entrusted. LifeWalk International is dedicated to increasing the anointing for God's people in the area of finances and business.

Do you know someone who has been called into ministry but who also has been called to retain ties to secular enterprise? In other words, do you know someone who has a strong mandate from God to fulfill kingdom objectives through his or her business? We call these people Business Ministers, and we welcome them to partner with FMIN!



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