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Lighthouse Lunches - Setting for Senior Citizen Outreach in Hazelbury Plucknett

by: Valerie Champion and Sally Harris as told to Ellen

The first lunch was served to thirty-six senior diners and helpers April 1999 in an old wooden schoolroom called the Lighthouse (that has now been replaced with the new building). Today, a team of nineteen members provide a two course roast dinner for anyone over sixty years of age - once a month. The meal is concluded with a short programme and tea. They average between 55-60 diners each month. Valerie Champion and Sally Harris write, "Our purpose is to be servants who express the love of God as we provide diners with an opportunity to enjoy social interaction while eating a 'home cooked' style meal and with thoughts shared in the epilouge (short programme at the end). Our vision is to see these senior diners become involved in other activities of the church fellowship."



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