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X-Factor youth ministry celebrates day of joy

by: Rick and Denise Renner, as told to Kathleen Thomas

God is on the brink of doing some great things in the X-Factor youth ministry of the Moscow Good News Church, where, on April 1, 2007, youth leaders declared a day of celebrating joy in the Lord.
An X-Factor youth program that was both fun and edifying saw more than 100 young people in attendance, and at the end of the service Philip Renner delivered a powerful message on the joy of the Lord, stressing that because of the Cross we can all experience the joy of the Lord even when we're in difficult situations!
The power of God was present in the service to minister to the hearts of those present, and many of the young people left different than when they came.
While the April 1 event was very special, ongoing X-Factor youth activities are also a vital part of the young people's spiritual growth. Every week the youth get together and pray for one hour, believing that as they seek God, He will give them both growth and direction. Once a month, the praise and worship musicians also come together to worship all night. Philip leads these all-night worship sessions according to his belief that the kind of songs that usher in the presence of God are not songs that sound "cool," but they are instead songs born of the Spirit that are sung from people's heart.
The goal of every X-Factor youth service is not only to have fun but to teach the young people how to seek and to fellowship with God. Youth leaders have sought to combine good music, lights, and entertainment with times when the young people can enter into God's presence and worship Him together. The result has proven to be a powerful method of evangelism to reach Moscow's younger generation.

Rick and Denise Renner, Moscow, Russia



Rick and Denise Renner are some of the most fruitful missionaries on the Planet! Be sure to go to their website and see all that is happening worldwide in their ministry.
by: Dave and Bonnie Duell

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