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Brazil trip

by: Deborah Wittmier

I'm back! The trip was great; in fact it's hard to find appropriate words to describe it. It seems words like awesome get so overused; yet, it was definitely that and more. God always astounds us!

The schedule was fairly demanding--8 services in 6 churches in 7 days, all of which were new to me because I was in a different area than last time. It was very apostolic in that each church represented a different aspect/denomination:
Assembly of God
Independent Pentecostal
Baptist (Charismatic)
Word of Faith - Rhema
Independent Charismatic
Methodist (Charismatic)

Neither Davi nor I planned it that way, but it was certainly no accident!

I really wasn't prepared for the response of the people--I don't know how to describe the altar calls except to say that hundreds of people moved in a living stream to the front. And the Spirit of God drew them, ministered to them, called them, changed them, healed them, delivered them, and I was privileged to experience it with them.

The churches ranged from small to mega. There was a combined total of nearly 4,000 in the services, but one of the services was broadcast live and a couple were taped for replay and sale.

I brought one of the ladies from our church with me--it was her first time out, and I definitely think she is "ruin't" as Dave would say.

Oh, by the way, Davi is wondering when Dave Duell is coming back to Petropolis? "There are many pastors there who are longing for him!"

Much love,

Deborah and her husband, Harvey, pastor Crossfire Church in Denver, Colorado. Deborah travels to Africa, Asia, and South America annually to minister to pastors.

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by: Jessica TenBrink

What a powerful time of ministry! You can view more photos from the trip at this page:

by: Jessica TenBrink

What a mighty world changer you are! We are proud to be connected with you!

We love you and Harv!
by: Dave and Bonnie

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